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D'ART Vlog 00:28 - \"1st Black Owned Anime Studio\"

Today, we take a deep dive into what we've been seeing in a lot of our recent press videos/articles as: The 1st Black Owned Anime Studio. First, we're incredibly grateful for all of the support and appreciate all of the kind messages and reaching out (Thank you!). However, we felt it necessary to define ourselves as a diverse studio that prides itself in the craftsmanship of the animation rather than being singled out by one of our many great assets; which contributes to our overall diversity but miscommunicates our overall message as a company. As always, we read all of your comments and would love to hear your thoughts. Please throw us a like and a comment below and we'll read them! If you haven't already please smash that subscribe button! D'ART Shtajio is a 2D Animation Studio based in Tokyo, Japan. ______________________________________________ Start a Project with Us ► Facebook ► Instagram ► Twitter ►
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