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「English Dub」Domestic Na Kanojo OP \"Kawaki wo Ameku\" 【Kelly Mahoney】- Studio Yuraki

「English Dub」Domestic Na Kanojo (Domestic Girlfriend) OP Kawaki wo Ameku 【Kelly Mahoney】- Studio Yuraki ✤WARNING!: Videos That Are Not Granted Written Permission By Edward Kloss Are At Risk of Being Taken Down, This Is Due To The Excessive Content Stealing and Pirating Going Around. ✤Consider Donating To Our Patreon In Order To Download Our Music. It's $1 a week to gain our cover of that week! ►Lyrics Created By Studio Yuraki! - English Lyrics By Sam Luff Immature, heartless. Even so… You can still be beautiful. No destiny for the unworthy. And I know for sure that it’s never enough, but if we sit down, and talk it out, then it could change. It’s all money, love, and words. I’m sick of trying to express myself… Déjà vu, why is it that you’re so unfulfilled? When you’re only ever looking out for yourself, Is there anything else that you could ever want? For some messed up reason that’s the thing about you I don’t mind. For real (God, I’m so sick of you repeating that line) The thing I hate the most is when you’re so vague! Enough! Even when you finally agree, Even if you say that you love me. Playing with my heart, when you’re playing games, Recklessly, you never meant a thing. These heavy words you’re saying, They’re fading, How many more times - You gonna go and wear them out? Even so, I’ve been hoping for a little more, Through all the times you tell me that it’s all “fine” Don’t hold down the words that You know deep down are true, it’s okay. But try to take a hint and think it through. Don’t let it rain… ✤ We are an indie studio funded by one guy! Please consider supporting us on our Patreon or Ko-fi link! ✤ Also be sure to check out our twitter page!
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