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Godzilla KOTM Godzilla VS. SCP-682 - 682's Revenge! (Godzilla Comic Dub) (SCP Fondation Comic)

SCP 682 comes back to finish off Godzilla and his sister Chiisia in Part 2 of Godzilla Vs SCP 682, who will win the battle of the giant lizards... Thanks for Pinksandi for helping me with the art for this video, they are amazing go check out there Twitter and Instagram! Twitter: Instagram: Godzilla, and SCP 682 played by me! Thanks to Kat for playing Chiisia Thanks to Sky for palying Mothra, follow her here: Thanks to Mike for playing Rodan, follow him here: Check out the other Godzilla comic dubs here: Godzilla Movies/Godzilla Puppet show will be airing soon, just working out the kinks since its my first time filming live action stuff, and ran into some problems lol. Among Us Movies is what I am going to call the Among Us Puppet Show, I promise the first episode will be out next week as they are all being edited now, right after that I will start work on my SCP Movies and my Sirenhead movies so be ready for that as they will be fun and creepy. Also of course Godzilla Puppet, Godzilla, Among Us, Steven Universe, Steven Universe Future, The Owl House and so many other comic dubs coming soon! Also there will be some limited edition Among Us inspired Merch coming soon so please stay tuned for that and I hope you all enjoy it! Background Music: Hidden Agenda by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( ) Source: . Artist: Track Name - Tension RMK Artist/Composer - Daniele Publisher - Daniele Epic Soundtrack Social Links - Website - ... Facebook - . SoundCloud - MixCloud - . #SCP -682 #Godzilla #SCP #Mothra #KingGhidorah #Ghidorah #Rodan
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