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Anime's House of Villains (It's Our House Now)

Happy Halloween! To celebrate, I created this AMV that shows the collection of Anime's Greatest Villains singing It's Our House Now. Disclaimer: I do not own any of these clips. Just a heads up, beware of spoilers if you're not familiar with any of the villains in this music video. Music: I created this video because I noticed that not many It's Our House Now music videos include many anime villains. So, I thought I make one myself, and I spent a tremendous amount of time and research looking into Anime Villains to use. I did my best selecting good clips to use and incorporating as many villains as I could into the video. Due to their massive diversity, this video comprises of single villains and villain groups from each series, and my decisions for selecting them include the following: Main Villains Most Well-Known Most Popular Most Recurring Most Notorious This is the cast I reimagined for them: Mickey Mouse - Astro Boy Minnie Mouse - Uran Jafar - Marshall D. Teach Cruella De Vil - Yuno Gasai Ursula - Junko Enoshima (+Monokuma) Captain Hook - Orochimaru Hades - Aizen Big Bad Wolf - Frieza Drizella and Anastasia - Malty/Rize Kamishiro Pete - Dr. Tenma Hitchhiking Ghosts - Petelgeuse Romanee-Conti and the Witch Cult Pirate Thugs - League of Villains Fates - Homunculi Si and Am - Kyuubey (+Black Hanekawa) Maleficent - Queen Beryl (who summons Hakumen no Mono) Chernabog - Acnologia Kaa - Light Yagami Queen of Hearts - Esdeath Card Soldiers - Millefiore Famiglia & The Black Organization Pain and Panic - Team Rocket This is the list of villains that act as part of the chorus: Villain Chorus 1 (Left to Right): Sato (Ajin) Charles zi Britannia Tomie Johan Liebert Medusa (Soul Eater) Zeke Yeager Griffith Takeshi Hirokawa Gendo Ikari Major (Hellsing) Vicious Miyo Takano Ladd Russo Isabella (The Promised Neverland) Millennium Earl Lil Slugger Villain Chorus 2 (Left to Right): Akihiko Kayaba Undertaker Beatrice (Umineko) Drosselmeyer Sunako Kirishiki Anti-Spiral Being X Satan (Blue Exorcist) Utsuro Toto Sakigami (Mockingbird) Shinobu Sensui Hokuto Akira Midousuji Sachiko Bondrewd Gantz REVOCS Corporation Ten Commandments Villain Chorus 3 (Left to Right): Gilgamesh (Fate series) Izaya Orihara Haruko Haruhara Aleister Crowley (A Certain Magical Index) Diclonius DNA Voice (by extension Lucy) Dio Brande Yami Bakura Judar Kazutaka Hyodo Hisoka Morow Char Aznable Akito Sohma Garou Dark Hana Hao Asuka Toichiro Suzuki Villains Chorus 4 (Left to Right): Joker (Fire Force) Ai Magase Tsukasa Shishiou Priscilla (Claymore) Kagato Balalaika Isaac Ray Peram Westcott Demiurge Creed Diskenth Villain Chorus 5 (Left to Right): The Count (Gankutsuou) Fate Averruncus Precia Testarossa Ryo Asuka Mana Ouma Midora Raoh Harry MacDowell Lord Darcia III Myotismon Millions Knives Diva Naraku Muzan Kibutsuji Soo Won Makoto Shishio Destroyer (Konosuba) Sibyl System To make a long story short, I've spent a huge amount of time working on this video for months, did all sorts of fine-tuning on this video, and did a lot of thinking about which villains I could/should use. During the process, I edited various clips to make it act like it's telling a story. The main villains in the song comprise of the main antagonists from the Big Five Anime (One Piece, Naruto, Bleach, Fairy Tail, Fullmetal Alchemist/Reborn!) except for characters like Yuno Gasai (The Queen of Yandere) from Future Diary and Junko Enoshima (The Super High School-Level/Ultimate Despair) from Danganronpa filling in as Cruella de Vil and Ursula, respectively, due to lack of major female villains from the list mentioned. Other antagonists from the Big Five Anime such as the Homunculi, Acnologia, and the Millefiore Famiglia were cast as the Fates, Chernabog, and part of the Card Soldiers, respectively. I chose to leave out villains from movies and animesque style shows and, despite my times of debate, especially for shows where the cast is evil in their own degree, selected each villain based primarily on their level of notoriety and what impact they have in their story. However, there may be those I didn't include either because I didn't realize how well known they were or I didn't see them as villains. I also think it's also because I wasn't sure how much room I would have left. Overall, I did my best to incorporate as many villains as I could and made sure to have enough villains so that they could have a spot in the music video. If there were any villains that you'd think or wish to have been included in the video, feel free to leave it in the comments.
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