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Yesterworld: The History of Walt Disney Home Video and the Infamous Disney Vault

Explore the History & Evolution of Walt Disney Home Video and the Infamous Disney Vault! From the manipulative marketing tactics, the Animated Film re-release Origins which led to the Disney Vault, the debut of VHS and how Disney tried to end the Home Video revolution (before they joined it themselves), the introduction of DisneyDVD and more! Donate on Patreon: SHOP: Follow Mark on Twitter! (@yester_world) Follow Mark on Instagram! (@yester_world) PODCAST: FACEBOOK: SOURCES: VIDEOS (full list coming soon): videolabguy - How It’s Made - Trailers: Beauty and the Beast 3D: Lion King 3D: Little Mermaid 3D: Theatrical Trailer: Sleeping Beauty Re-release - Lady and the Tramp - Disney DVD: Gold Classic Collection - , , , Disney Home Video (VHS era): Generic - Cinderella - Generic - The Lion King - Snow White first release - Fantasia - Aladdin - Peter Pan - Little Mermaid - Great Mouse Detective - Lady and the Tramp - Sleeping Beauty - Alice in Wonderland / Robin Hood - Bambi - , Early Walt Disney Home Video spots:
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