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I Watched The BIG THREE Furry Anime on Netflix: Aggretsuko, Beastars, and BNA Triple Review

Netflix is run by furries, dude. I’m calling it now. For realsies, tho. Did anyone else notice this trend of the platform licensing all the furry anime? First Aggretsuko, then Beastars, and now BNA? Granted, three isn’t a lot, but it’s just enough where I don’t think it’s a mere coincidence. Which works for me because they’re all kickass series in their own right. So not only are they worthy of a review, but I also get to theorize on why Netflix suddenly wants all the anthros. Answer: Because they can. #netflix #aggretsuko #beastars #bna #furries #analysis #review ... Follow me on Twitter: Follow me on Tumblr:
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