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Supa Strikas - Season 4 Episode 50 - Worth his Weight in Goals Kids Cartoon

Forget about transfer news, or what’s going on in the Premier League, UEFA, the World Cup or La Liga – The Super League is where the action is happening! Manchester United and Chelsea have nothing on the Supa Strikas team. This football adventure series is packed with goals that Neuer and Oblak couldn't touch. If you think Renaldo or Neymar are the best you obviously haven’t seen Shakes, El Matador or Klaus in action. As for Messi, well, he'd probably swap a shirt with our boys in red. In this episode: After a cynical foul against Twisting Tiger at Strikaland, Liquido challenges the Supa Strikas winger to the ultimate duel - one-on-one on the Floating Stadium's underwater pitch! North Shaw and Shakes talk Tiger into it… but soon discover Liquido's innocent face-off is NOT what it appears. Click here to subscribe ▶︎ Watch More Supa Strikas! ▶︎ Supa Strikas Season 1 ▶︎ Supa Strikas Season 2 ▶︎ Supa Strikas Season 3 ▶︎ Supa Strikas Season 4 ▶︎ Supa Strikas Season 5 ▶︎ Supa Strikas Season 6 ▶︎ #supastrikas #kidscartoon #supa #strikas #superstrikers
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