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Outlaws Episode 1 - Worthless (Wolf Series)

Episode 1 of outlaws! It is finally finished and out for all of you to watch. I am just so incredibly proud of everyone on the team for making such a beautiful episode. I hope all of you will enjoy it! Thank you to everyone who participated in making this, I love you all so much and really appreciate your help. This episode couldn’t have been possible without each and everyone one of you. And also, please know that outlaws was inspired by one of my favourite shows “The Fosters” so much much credit to that lovely show! ============================================================ Would you like to be a part of Outlaws? You still can! Just contact me and I will let you know what you can do! (Feel free to use this contact information to ask me questions or just talk to me as well) -Email me: lanithelioness170@gmail.com -Instagram: @lani_the_lioness -Discord: Lani the lioness #8052 Our server: Wanna help princess of the pride and outlaws become more professional plus get a bunch of fun sneak peeks and the episodes early?? Become a patreon! ============================================================ #wolf #wolves #ivory #mace #starcrossed #starcrossedlovers #forbiddenlove #forbidden #whitewolf #greywolf #graywolf #alpha #omega #beta #wolfseries #series #animatedseries #animated #animaticseries #animatic #wolfart #wolfanimatedseries #wolfanimaticseries #animatedwolfseries #animaticwolfseries #inlove
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