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Girlfiend in Paris - Official Trailer - Dark Horse Comics

New original graphic novel from the Pander Bros.! GIRLFIEND IN PARIS: A BLOODTHIRSTY BEDTIME STORY arrives in hardcover beginning this October at comic shops. Details: The fugitive romance continues between Karina, a day-walking vampire, and Nick, a nocturnal mortal. Living out their storybook fantasy in Paris by day and hunting down criminals by night to feed Karina's hunger, Nick's moral line continues to be pushed to the limit. When Karina discovers her latest prey holds a dark criminal secret, it will put their immortal love pact to the test when they attempt to rescue an innocent girl from a deadly underworld plot. This hardcover graphic novella--told by Karina in poetic verse--is rendered with crisp line art and lush digital watercolor, and also contains a new GirlFIEND pinup gallery. For more, visit: PanderBros.com GirlFIENDcomic.com
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