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Mahishasur Pala 2017, Episode no. 14, মহিষাসুর পালা ২০১৭ - Anandabazar

Anandabazar.com presents Mahishasur Pala 2017, Episode no. 14. Voice by Kharaj Mukherjee, Manashi Sinha, Dhiman Bhattacharya, Arpan Kumar Sharma, Jayanta Hore, Bihu Mukherjee. Demonetisation and GST is adding to the already existing troubles of Mahisashur. In such adversities, what master plan will he hatch against Maa Durga? Will he be finally able to change history this time? #AnandabazarPatrika #ABP #MahishasurPala #AnandaUtsav
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