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Disney \"Fix\" Thor: Love & Thunder CGI, Reveal Alt Ending

Thor: Love and Thunder arrives on Disney+ today with some slight alternations. Marvel Studios and Disney attempted to fix some CGI issues fans had with the MCU film. We also know definitively when Thor: Love and Thunder occurs in MCU continuity. And it might surprise a few people. A concept artist also released some early designs for the final character reveal in the movie that are very interesting. Marvel Studios and Disney fix Thor: Love and Thunder CGI issue and reveal alternate ending. Recommended Video She-Hulk Trailer Latest Black Eye For MCU & Disney 🛒 SHOP THINKING CRITICAL - Official Merch! DO NOT CLICK THIS! Thinking Critical Comic Book Podcast is live on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Podbean, Spotify, Amazon Music/Audible, TuneIn + Alexa, iHeartRadio, PlayerFM and Listen Notes. Link: thinkingcriticalcomicbooks.podbean.com Support Thinking Critical at Ko-fi. Monthly subscriptions receive bonus content and early access to some channel content. Ko-fi.com/thinkingcritical Thank you for supporting the channel! Thinking Critical Discord: Twitch Channel Contact Thinking Critical: Twitter: Email wesdigscomics@gmail.com #mcu #thor #disney
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