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Amazing Cosplay Marriage Proposal at San Diego Comic Con 2016

During the San Diego Comic Con 2016 Masquerade Cosplay performance, the Cosplayer dressed up as Kylo Ren (Robert Monroe) proposed to the Cosplayer dressed up as Rey from the Force Awakens. Check out her reaction to the engagement ring at 0:23 -- it's priceless! The cheers and standing ovation from the audience put the icing on the cake! Whether or not they won a prize at the end of the contest, I think they're both going to walk away from this Cosplay performance quite happy! And yes -- this was the real thing! The Masters of Ceremonies, Phil and Kaja Foglio announced at the end that they had a note from backstage that it was the real thing! You might enjoy some of these other videos from Comic Con: 360 Inside Comic-Con: 360 Outside Comic-Con: Best Marvel Cosplay: The Corps Dance Crew: HUGE Hulkbuster: Addams Family: Guts Beserker Armor: Lumière Cosplay: Kayle The Judicator: CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE: Follow me on: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: ChrisRaney GOOGLE+: Check out my blog at:
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