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Free Tree Collection 2 Props for CTA4 from free Vector Graphic Cartoon Animator 4

Welcome to Twitchymo Studio. For the next few weeks, I will be releasing 14 free, tree collections of props for cartoon animator 4. In tree collection #2, we'll go over the steps to take a vector graphic and then turn it into a prop for Cartoon Animator. This collection contains 37 different free tree props for Cartoon Animator. In the video, we'll start off by, doing the first prop in Inkscape, then adding the png image to CTA4 and saving them as Props. Thank you for joining my journey of animation. Please subscribe, like and hit the notification bell to get my next video. Twitchymo Free Tree Collection 2 for CTA4: Tree Collection 02 vector graphics links:: Previous Collections Twitchymo Free Tree Collection 1 for CTA4:
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