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The Destruction of Her FTL Multiverse

Slug Chan gives me the win, not because I was on one of the most objectively strong ship in the entire mod. Sure it doesn't have the one shot pinpoints or Sylricks, but you're able to host every other system in the entire game. Yeah, that's something else. Finally beat my highest Score by farming visions, I probably could've gotten even more score, something closer to about 30k, but I was already feeling really tired and had to do things later that day. The visions are actually really easy to farm, since each beacon will always spawn the same hazard, so you can go back and forth killing visions without worrying about taking lots of damage or having an ion storm mess up your power. Preferably the best hazard to go against is Pulsar or Sun. Also this seed was absolutely insane, 2 mod missiles with accuracy within 1 sale sector. Mentioned it once already, but again CEL B is probably one of the strongest ships in the entire game. All systems, no limitations, it's basically only vulnerable early game without shields/clonebay. In Vanilla the arguably strongest system setup you can have is either Cloak + Hack + MC or Teleporter. This ship you can have all 4 and more, and Multiverse is much kinder to you compared to vanilla. Just for the sake of comparison, this ship is closer to Transport C than it is to a regular multiverse ship. Thanks for watching, like and subscribe for more Her beatdowns.
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