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Hokage Naruto VS Goku(Sprite Animation) (Boruto X Dragon Ball Super)

Hokage Naruto VS Goku (Sprite Animation) (Boruto X Dragon Ball Super) CLICK HERE FOR DANK ANIME MERCH 👕 Discount Code - NARUTO5 Ask Me Any Question 😁 Let's Settle This... #naruto #goku #narutovsgoku #dragonballsuper GHOST ARTORIAS MERCH 😈 Donate PayPal💎 - 🌟 Follow/Support My PATREON Join me on Discord MUSIC 🎧 1.Dragon Ball FighterZ OST - West City 2.Dragon Ball FighterZ OST - Raid 3.Dragon Ball FighterZ OST - Goku Black 4.Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 - Hell Stage Theme 5.Naruto and Sasuke VS Momoshiki OST Subscribe For More!!! 😎 Follow me on Newgrounds / ghostartorias.newgrounds.com/follow Instagram ♕ Twitter ♕ Business Email: Ghostanimator1@outlook.com
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