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The Summer of Comic Book HEAT Starts NOW! Hot10 Comic Book Back Issues List NEW Record Breakers

The Golden Age Guru is in the house to discuss the hottest back issues of comics. Galactus and the Silver Surfer are looming over the future of the MCU, Steranko X-Men books continue to be a great investment, the 1:25 Ultimate Fallout 4 remains the ultimate modern grail, Wonder Man is the talk of the town, Amazing Spider-Man 1 keeps rising in price, Ant-Man continues to grow, and the Ghost Rider is blazing a trail of record sales. ❤️ Mystery Mail Call (our comic book subscription service) (US ONLY) ❤️ Follow us on Whatnot!: ❤️ Subscribe to our YouTube Channel: ✅ GoldenAgeGuru IG: (Monthly Comic Auctions!) ❤️ Subscribe to Dynamite: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 🔰 Expert Comic Book Repair Services from HeroRestorationComics: ✅ Use code TOM101 for a free week subscription to Key Collector Comics. Available wherever you get apps. ✅Get Key Collector Comics 🍎📱 Free App on Apple: 🤖📱 Free App on Android: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ✅Check out Scout Comics and use code TOM101 for 10% off your purchase -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ❤️ New Shirts: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ❤️ComicTom101 Blog: comictom101/blog ❤️ Support the show by buying off eBay! We DON'T get ANY information about your purchase, just 1/2 the FeeBay Fee on any purchase made within the hour: ❤️ Comictom101 on eBay (Geekstreet101): ❤️ Need an LCS (Local Comic Shop)? - Make it Mill Geek Comics -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Recommended Playlist - ☑️ Top 10 Trending Comics (Weekly): ☑️ Hottest Comics in the World (Weekly): ☑️ Bags & Boards Podcast (Weekly): ⚠️Send Comic Karma: Tom Garcia P.O. Box 12027 Everett WA 98206 Tom: ✅Snapchat: @Comictom101 ✅Instagram: ✅Twitter: ✅Facebook: Gem: ✅ YouTube: ✅ Instagram: ✅ Facebook: ✅ GoldenAgeGuru IG: (Monthly Comic Auctions!) ✅ Fire Guy Ryan: ⚠️GIVEAWAY WINNER(s), email us your shipping information & what you won!: bagsandboardsgiveaway@gmail.com ❤️Comictom101 Intro Artist: Javan Jordan AKA Illest Uminati ❤️Outro Song: Hill Song (Unreleased) Artist: Zoro Hear More: 🎨🎬Thumbnail & Editing by Chalen Bailey (Zoro): #ComicBooks #Comics #ComicSpeculation
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