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Child of Burning Time -Teen Titans Comic Dub (by pizet)

Summary: While Beast Boy and Raven have the Tower all to themselves, a Mysterious little girl suddenly appears asking them for help with her powers, but who is she and what does she REALLY want? Original comic can be found here: Show your Support by getting a Shelly Kitten T-Shirt here: ​ Cast: Shelly Kitten (Raven, Paine, Starfire, Murdoc) Draginkyleezeke (Beast Boy) Dark Drifter (Cyborg, Robin) Music: Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License Other Important Stuff: Support me on Stream labs: or on KoFi: ​ Find me on Twitter: Watch me on Twitch: #teentitans #beastboy #raven #comics
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