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[VORE] Not a snack shelf

This is kinda long but.. Hi everyone, Sorry for making you wait so long. The good news is that I have free time now. And no, I'm not going to over-promise you guys anymore. I realized that was my bad habit, and I want to apologize that I couldn't keep my words. Even though I don't have time to do animations. I've always been learning to improve my animation skills. Just finishing this makes me feel very happy. [There's a lot of room to improve still] I have plans for the future of this channel, And may have to find a really good pen name to use forever. [Yes, Zeph is still not my real name But if you want to call me that I don't mind] Well, That's it guys. Thanks for watching! About requests from February 2021 Don't worry, I'm going to make it all [someday] Also I can't continue my old project anymore. I have switched to the new software. DeviantArt: Twitter:
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