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Yesterworld: The Rise & Fall of The Disney Channel

Explore the untold history of The Disney Channel! From its origins in the 1970s, the channel’s near collapse in the 80s, the peak in the 90s & drastic changes into the 2000’s & Today. Donate on Patreon: Follow Mark on Twitter! (@yester_world) Follow Mark on Instagram! (yester_world) SHOP: FACEBOOK: PRIMARY SOURCES: The Disney Touch - Ron Grover Prince of the Magic Kingdom - Joe Flower TDC Opening Day & Countdown Launch - - waltsvault A Report on the upcoming launch of The Disney Channel - Entertainment Tonight - - waltsvault Uploader main page for Disney Channel Launch Pack footage- ADDITIONAL SOURCES: J-BoZ61, SN9DA - DeviantArt.com (DC logos) ) Dreamfinder Script: - Waltsvault Inside the Rise of HBO - Bill Mesce, Jr. VIDEO & IMAGE CREDITS: (In Order of Appearance) (The rest are continued in a pinned comment) 90s Toy Commercials Vol. 2 - - The Comic Coalition Disney's Aladdin for SEGA Genesis - - Genkisan Disney Channel Pre-Launch 1983 - - TooniFNT's Tape Trove 1991 Free Disney Channel Preview - - TheClassicSports - Dumbo’s Circus - A Lion Needs a Mane - - The DVD Hole’3’ Disney Channel Commercial Bloack 997 - - Analog Commercial Compilations & Blocks Mousercise 1983 Episode 19 - - Mary Woodhouse Welcome To Pooh Corner Intro - - HunnyPot Disney’s Our Channel Music Video - - RetroCommercialsGuy2000 Disney Channel Commercials June 28th 1985 signoff - - VideoRewind The Disney Channel Freeview Winathon promos November 1987 - - Mickey’s VHS and Betamax Finds TDC Opening Day & Countdown Launch - - waltsvault Uploader main page - The Disney Channel Countdown Launch - April 18, 1983 - - Walt’s Vault Dinosaurs: The Terrible Lizards - - Stefan Grabowski The History of Television - - Tech Nerd John Logie Baird and the Invention of Television - - MIX iT “TV is King” - BBC Film documentary - The rarest television technology on earth - 1994 - - LEMAN PRODUCTIONS Ltd Baird televisor(the first television)1926 - - Jawwwp Texaco Star Theater video 1 - - Classic Television Vintage old 1950's Westinghouse 17 Lynwood Television TV Commercial - - Vintage Fanatic Westinghouse Television Set - - suprnovadf2 Westinghouse 1956 TV Set commercial - - Cria56
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