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BARBiE CAMPiNG inside our HOUSE!!Summer Road Trip in the Dream Camper! It Takes Two camp friends

enjoying the great outdoors.. inside our Dream Camper 🏕️ This is an ad for Mattel. LET'S BE FRIENDS -- Parents, the Barbie It Takes Two Series is available on Netflix now! HEY EVERYBODY!! Today me and Skipper are going camping!! But first we need to load up our Barbie camper. We need to hurry because Chelsea and Stacy are already waiting for us at camp! I got my backpack, marshmallow roasters, and 2 sleeping bags.. because Chelsea forgot hers! And of course me and Skipper brought our pet dogs. Once we checked everything off our packing list, we had to put all of our old camping sticker badges on the van! We have so many good camping memories, like when Chelsea learned to drive the camper for the first time! Or that time I was surfing the ocean waves! Or when we went hiking in the forest with the bears! After we put all of our stickers on it was time to hit the road! We had to drive up some really bumpy mountains, and some crazy dirt roads! We were ALMOST to camp when our tire popped.. AND I forgot my tools! Luckily Brooklyn saw us with her binoculars from camp and came to rescue us. We finally made it to camp to earn some badges! To earn our first camping badge, we had to rescue an Owl that was stuck in a tree. Then we had to find some lost puppies! After getting our first 2 badges we went back to camp to make S'mores, and to get some sleep for tomorrow! The next day we earned our water badges, so we had to get into the lake! I learned to balance in a boat and wear a life jacket! I had SO much fun at summer camp this year! Bye vlog pshhhhh
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