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Vintage 90s Anime Shirt Collection

My personal collection of 90s and 2000s anime t-shirts! Uploaded this to my Instagram @thriftymaniac in celebration of Ani-May.
Switch Layer Tutorial (Anime Studio Pro6) Part2:Creating the Switch Layer
Child of Burning Time -Teen Titans Comic Dub (by pizet)
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Optical Illusion Trick Shots ft. Zach King
SONIC AND AMY (SonAmy) Comic Dub Compilation
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Automated Lip Sync in Adobe Animate Tutorial
The Evolution of Walt Disney Animation (1937-2021)
Originalos episode 14: Before Democracy
A girl in my class makes fun of my clothes but she has childish underwear on... [Manga Dub]
Outlaws Episode 1 - Worthless (Wolf Series)
【BL Anime】The sadist clerk makes a move on the strict president of the school council and kisses him