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How to Draw DYNAMIC POSES in Anime: Figure Drawing Tutorial - Virtual Art Class Preview

✏️Ever wonder why your figure drawing poses feel stiff? Wanna know how to draw natural looking poses, even for your standing figures? Recorded live during our Cartooning & Anime class, instructor Alyssa is here to show us how to draw dynamic poses -- anime style! Follow along as she explains step by step how to draw a body in a standing pose, but with a lot more action! Full of great tips on how to draw dynamic poses, this tutorial explains how to construct a female anime body, and turn her into a classic manga school girl character! Timestamps: 0:00 - Intro 0:16 - Dynamic Poses vs Static Poses 1:32 - Basics of drawing an anime body 4:19 - 2D vs 3D shapes in limbs, drawing arms and legs 5:59 - Dynamic pose examples 6:35 - Drawing a dynamic pose 11:02 - Adding 3D forms to the dynamic pose 12:43 - Turning the pose into an anime character 13:27 - How to draw dynamic clothing (blowing in the wind) πŸ–€ How to Draw Dynamic Anime Poses ⏭️ What to watch next: Stained Glass Illustration (Part 1): How to Draw Anime Eyes: How to Draw Anime Hands: ⏭️ Recommended playlist: ⏭️ Share this video with a fellow art nerd: πŸ’‘ Subscribe for more art tutorials, tips, and art resources ✏️ Learn some serious art skills β€” LIVE in our online classroom πŸ“• Get the step by step breakdown on our blog: 🍎 Get free art resources for teachers: πŸ§‘β€πŸ« πŸ€“ Join our Art Nerd community πŸ’• Support the Winged Canvas team Winged Canvas is an online art school based in Canada specializing in virtual art programs. We are known for our Art Mentorship program and quirky art nerd culture. Our instructors are professional artists and designers with a passion for teaching and nurturing creativity, sharing our artistic skill sets and industry experience with others. Interested in virtual art classes or working with an Artist Mentor? You can find out more about our online art studio at Music credits: Artist software used:
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