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A Complete Vinland Saga Season 1 Recap

Welp... Here's my longest video to date. VS is sooo complex, so hopefully this saved you some time. In case you want to subscribe - Twitter: Timestamps: 0:00 - Intro 0:40 - Recap starts 5:24 - Thors sets sail 8:35 - Thors dies 15:40 - Thorfinn fights Thorkell 11:31 - First time skip 17:38 - Askeladd decides to save Canute 18:15 - Thorfinn saves Canute 18:51 - Askeladd meets Grattianus 19:49 - Pirates get surrounded 23:17 - Ragnar dies 14:23 - Pirate throw a coup 25:45 - Thorfinn fights Thorkell 28:50 - Canute meets the king 31:34 - Final Thorfinn vs Askeladd 33:50 - Askeladd dies 34:30 - My final words
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