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I've Uncovered Video Tapes Revealing A Malicious Reality Show - Scary Stories & Creepypastas

Channel Memberships are now available! to join, click join next to the subscribe button! or, you can use this link: I also write the music for these stories, check out my newest song: You can now listen To these Scary Stories on Spotify! Somnium Music: Subscribe for more Scary Stories! My Newest Video: This was originaly a story i recorded for a colab on Unit522s channel, but due to the copyright issues going around, it was decided to post it on my channel, I noticed some audio quality issues in this and it was due to some background noise with the microphone i had at the time. here is a link to the original story: #scarystories #creepypasta #nosleep Do you enjoy my Creepypasta Readings, Scary Stories and Original Music? then make sure to leave a comment and let me know what scary stories you would like to hear me read! Join us on discord! Subscribe for more Scary Stories! My Newest Video: Send your scary stories to: SomniumSubmissions@gmail.com Or submit your scary story on our subreddit: Facebook: Twitter: Patreon: Aside from scary story narrations, I also compose music, for each story i narrate, I usually come up with a new custom song just for that story, you can listen to my creepypasta theme songs over on my soundcloud account or my second youtube channel. Soundcloud:
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